Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Day, Another Day Dress

Having come late, summer seems to be lingering here in the Pacific Northwest.  We had a little rain but for the past week it’s been in the low to mid-80s.  Not that I’m complaining; the warm, but not hot, weather is perfect for my collection of day dresses.  Like this one:

Day dresses are the best.  They’re easy (possibly lazy, but whatever), they fit my broad shoulders, they don’t aggravate my thighs, they often have pockets (pockets!) and they’re easy to ride my bike in.  I love them.  Today I paired a day dress (Karin Stevens, thrifted) with platform sandals (MRKT via DSW), a thin belt (Gap), a watch, a bracelet and pink drop earrings.

Why pink earrings?  Because I wanted to.  Or, if you prefer, because they match my pink toenails and therefore because they help to bookend my outfit.  But, really, it was just because I wanted to.

Today’s Takeaway?  You can make up any reason you’d like for wearing what you do, but the best reason is because you want to.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


P.S. I know some of you asked about the collar on yesterday’s dress.  The dress buttons up the left-side of the chest at an angle.  I don’t button it all the way up and I fold the extra fabric down which creates the sort of v-neck-on-an-angle you saw.