Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Got (Button) Back

I love tops and dresses that button up the back.  Like this blouse today:

I don't know why this pose is so awkward, but it makes me giggle.

I even left the top button halfway unbuttoned to prove they were real buttons and not trompe l’oeil buttons.  Well, I'm pretending that's what happened. I actually had no idea it was half undone until we took the pictures, just like I didn’t realize the seam on my skirt was crooked.  Seriously, it’s a wonder I can even dress myself at all.

But, dress myself I did.  And this is what I wore:

My oft-worn skirt is thrifted vintage and so is the blouse.  I added blue and white earrings (gifted), a blue and white bracelet (local craftsman) and burgundy shoes.  The shoes are Naya “Jada” (via Nordstrom) and are ridiculously comfortable.  I bought them during the Nordstrom anniversary sale this summer and have been waiting to wear them.  I worried a bit that they were too old-fashioned, but I really like them, even with this vintage-heavy outfit.  I also worried about breaking them in, but although they rubbed a little on the back of my left heel (which I remedied with the miracle that is Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin) they are otherwise perfect.

Also, the top looks like polka dots, but it's a micro-floral:

One more also; I wanted to let you all know that I got the job I interviewed for last week.  I start in two weeks and even though I’m devastated to be leaving my friends in my current unit, I’m very excited about the new opportunity.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!