Monday, September 26, 2011

Brown and Blue and an Untied Shoe

Sometimes I like to rhyme for no reason.  And sometimes I don’t figure out that my shoe is untied until after I take my pictures.  Both of those things happened here today:

The picture taking process was a rather distracted mess today so neither Ferge nor I noticed that my shoe was untied.  I do love these shoes, but satiny ribbon maybe isn’t the best for staying tied.  I’m still going to wear the heck out of them though, so perhaps a double knot is in order.  Untied or (k)not, I liked these shoes with this outfit.  I think the burgundy of the shoes (Naya “Jada” via Nordstrom) works well with my flared trouser jeans (Gap) and olive-brown sweater (ana via JC Penney) which I layered over a sheer blue and white blouse (Gap). 

In other news, the rain has returned to Oregon so I’m having to put in work to get dressed in the morning.  I ride my bike year round, including when it rains, and choosing an outfit gets exponentially more difficult the colder and wetter it gets.  Even when it’s cold out, I get fairly warm riding my bike, so I have to try to dress warmly, but not so warmly that I’m a hot, sweaty mess by the time I reach the office.  And although I try to dodge rain showers as much as possible, if I know I’m going to be stuck riding in the rain I try to wear clothes that dry quickly.  I’m telling you folks, I’m already missing the easy days of summer when I could just throw on whatever and ride in.

What about you all?  What time of year is most difficult for you, wardrobe-wise?

Happy Monday, Everyone!