Monday, September 19, 2011

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

The buttons on this skirt remind me of eyes:

They’re like a double pelvic periscope or something.  I don’t know what my pelvis might be looking at, but it’s looking at something.  Creepy pelvic eyes aside, I like this skirt.  It was actually a double-breasted, notch-collared, old-school Liz Claiborne dress when I first thrifted it.  I love the print and the fullness of the skirt, but the top was pretty atrocious so I removed it and just kept the skirt.  Which I paired with a teal tank (Old Navy), tan cardigan (Old Navy) and my riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom).

Although I can’t remove the buttons because the left one is functional, I think I might replace them with black buttons because the white ones really are sort of creepy.  Also creepy and also looking at you?  This handbag:

Do you guys remember seeing this Chloe bag in fashion magazines a couple of months ago?  I remember thinking when I spotted it in Marie Claire that it was absolutely hideous.  As it turns out, that level of hideousness is not even original.  I saw this clutch while antiquing with FB this weekend:

Isn’t that crazy?  It’s a taxidermy baby alligator affixed to an alligator clutch and it was handmade in Cuba in the 50s.

I guess everything old is new again.

Happy Monday, Everyone!