Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All the Sense in the World

As many of you know, I have often written about my confusion over the place of short-sleeved sweaters in the world.  And yet, add just a little more sleeve and all of a sudden I can’t get enough.  That’s right, folks, short sleeve sweaters confuse me but three-quarter sleeved sweaters make all the sense in the world:

I wore one yesterday, I’m wearing one today and I’ll probably wear one tomorrow.  Today’s is a cropped navy and white striped sweater (Boston Proper, thrifted) that I layered over a black dress (Target).  I added my other Born boots (Nordstrom), a couple of bracelets (local artist and Macy’s), pink drop earrings (Alberta Street vendor) and a fuchsia scarf (v. old, Macy’s).

I think my love of three-quarter sleeved items, sweaters and otherwise, is a holdover from my high school days when nobody carried “tall” clothing for women and I was forced to either push my too-short sleeves up or buy three-quarter sleeved tops.  Now quite a few places carry “tall” clothes, but I still like a good three-quarter sleeve for nostalgia’s sake.

Today's Takeaway?  If you want to try one of the season's cropped sweaters without showing skin or having the wind get fresh with you, try layering one over a dress.  It adds more coverage and more coverage, if you know what I mean.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!