Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Common Sense vs. Fashion Sense

My common sense (and my friend Ferge) tells me that this skirt and top don’t work together:

But, my fashion sense insists that they do, even if I can’t explain exactly why.  I mean, even I can objectively look at this floral skirt (via Ross) and this ocelot print top (via Nordstrom) and recognize that no matter how cute the booties (Miz Mooz via Nordstrom) or how awesome the earrings (wood, via Alberta Street vendor) those pieces don’t seem right together.

And while I realize that it doesn’t seem right (and perhaps it’s not), it feels right.  At least to me.  And, as I’m the one wearing it, I’d say that’s all that matters.  It’s like this pattern-mixing outfit from this summer – I recognize that it’s not for everyone, but darn it, I really like it.  Which means I have confidence in it and I’m able to wear it like I mean it and I'd say that makes all the difference in the world.

Today’s Takeaway?  Wear what you like and you’ll have the confidence to wear it like you mean it.

Happy Tuesday, All!