Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Olive and Neon (and Black)

This is yet another color combination that I cribbed from Jill at Good Life for Less:

I’ve wanted to try olive and neon together ever since I saw Jill's post and today seemed like as good a time as any.  So, I paired my neon yellow top (J. Crew – thrifted) with olive skinnies (Gap) and added a black cardigan (Gap), black boots (Chinese Laundry via Piperlime) and a black and white infinity scarf (Steve Madden via Macy’s).

And I like it.  I like that the olive allows me to carry the neon yellow into fall and that the black does the same.  And although I didn’t come up with it, the combination makes perfect sense to me.  I love yellow and olive together so why not neon yellow and olive?  And although black and yellow can read a little bumblebee-esque, the neon yellow and black is definitely less so.

But, what do you all think?  Does this combination make sense to you?

Happy Wednesday, All!