Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Matchy-Matchy vs. Clashy-Clashy

I considered wearing red skinny jeans with this color-blocked sweater:

But, that would have been too matchy-matchy for my tastes.  Given the choice, I usually prefer to be clashy-clashy rather than matchy-matchy.  There may be some deep-seeded psychological reason behind that preference; such as I’m afraid to look too put together lest people start to expect it from me, but mostly I think it’s just that I’m drawn to riotous color. 

Like the bright mustard yellow color of these cords:

These cords (Gap) make me happy and it made me happy today to pair them with this color-blocked sweater (Old Navy) and my all-time-favorite boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom).  I also added some bracelets and a watch that could serve to tie the look together if one was insistent on that sort of thing.

What about you, Reader Friends?  Do you tend towards matchy-matchy or clashy-clashy?

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!