Monday, December 12, 2011

Freezing in Plaid

It has been absolutely freezing in Oregon lately.  And today, it was both freezing and windy.  Hence my looking all hunched and awkward in these photos:

But, I never claimed to be a model.  I don’t even play one on this blog.  So, let’s all ignore the dear-God-its-so-cold look in my eyes and focus on the clothes, shall we? 

Today I layered the heck out of my outfit in a mostly failed attempt to keep warm.  On the bottom, I layered a vintage wool plaid skirt (thrifted) over tights (Target) and layered socks over my tights.  On the top, I layered a charcoal wool cardigan (Tulle) over a cream cashmere short-sleeve sweater (Forte via Ideeli) which in turn was layered over a burgundy blouse (Target).  I topped the whole thing off with a studded belt (Michael Michael Kors via Nordstrom) and my Born Crown riding boots (“Sosie” via Nordstrom).

Happy Monday, Everyone!  I hope you’re all staying warm (or cool if you’re lucky enough to be experiencing summer right now).