Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Putting On a Brave Face

I am having a rough month.  Yes, I know we’re only six days in, but December really isn’t working for me.  I tried cheering myself up with some hot pink:

And it almost worked.  But, that smile is pretty forced – this is how I really felt today:

Boo on the sad face.

It’s not the outfit’s fault though.  I actually really like the hot pink sweater (Talbots, thrifted) layered over the blue and navy dress (thrifted) with the blue tights (DKNY via Nordstrom) and tasseled booties (Seychelles via Nordstrom).  I’m just gloomy, is all. 

Although I wasn’t able to put on much of a brave face today, bear with me; I usually find my smile again after not too long.

I hope you’re all having a happier Tuesday than I,