Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Mildly Pink Skirt

"Mildly pink" is how one of my coworkers referred to this skirt when she saw this outfit this morning.  I’m pretty sure she was joking:

I know that some might argue that I shouldn’t swath the largest part of my body in hot pink silk, but my thighs said it was okay.  They even said that after they secede (yes, I have secessionist thighs) and become their own country they might include hot pink on their national flag.  What can I say?  My thighs and I love a good, eye-searing hot pink.

This particular hot pink delight is actually a dress; a very 80s dress with a very 80s bodice that I’m still not sure what to do with.  Until I figure it out though, I thought I could wear the dress (thrifted) as a skirt.  So I layered it under a charcoal wool sweater (thrifted) and added opaque black tights (Spanx via Nordstrom) and black wedge booties (Nine West “Peekaboo” via Piperlime).  I have to say that really like this dress as a skirt, so perhaps I’ll take the bodice off altogether?  We’ll see.

Also, and I find this amusing, the dress has a rose pattern woven in:

So 80s, so hilarious, so pink

Finally, because it's Thursday, I'm linked up to Spunky Chateau's Thursdays are for Thrifters Link Party.  Are you a thrifter?  If so, you should definitely join in.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!