Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Things I Like and an eShakti Review

If there are two things I like, they are chickens and red dresses.  In a further attempt to shake my melancholy, I’ve incorporated those two things in my outfit today:

Still not a real smile, but I am trying very hard to maintain.

Again, forced, but an unsmiling me makes me cry (more).

Chickens, right?  Abstract chickens, but chickens all the same?

Yes, folks it is a red, chicken print dress.  And it was sent to me by the lovely folks at eShakti.  They contacted me and allowed me to pick at item to receive and review.  Of course I picked this dress (red and chickens, people, red and chickens) and I love it.  It’s sleeveless, which helps it fit nicely under cardigans during the winter.  It has a nipped in waist, which helps me look like I do too.  And it has a nice full skirt, perfect for bike riding and during happier times, twirling.  They even added a few inches to the length of the skirt for me (more on that later).

I winterized my new, red, chicken print dress (c/o eShakti) in the usual manner.  By which I mean that I layered the dress under a cardigan (Beth Bowley via Nordstrom Rack) and over doubled tights (cream and navy via Target).  I added my riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie” via Nordstrom) and a braided belt (thrifted) to help maintain the waist on the dress.

What’s that?  You’ve never heard of eShakti?  Well, then, lemme tell you about ‘em.  One, they are clearly brilliant because they have the presence of mind to offer a red, chicken print dress.  Two, and I believe this is further evidence of their brilliance, they offer clothing in sizes up to 26.  Three, and this is my favorite, they offer to customize their clothing for a mere $7.50 more. 

Are you, like me, a giant with long arms and legs?  eShakti has your back.  You can increase sleeve length, pant length and skirt length, etc.  Not a giant?  They can also decrease the length if that’s your thing.  If you are, unlike me, endowed with a sizeable chestal arena, eShakti can help you out as well.  Uncomfortable going sleeveless?  Put a sleeve on it!  eShakti allows this option for several of their blouses and dresses; and they let you determine the sleeve length.  In truth, they have a ton of custom options for only $7.50.  (Seriously, don’t tell your tailor or accusations of undercutting may begin to fly).

If you haven’t already tried eShakti, you should.  And to make that more of a possibility during these trying economic times, eShakti has provided me with a discount code just for Fashion for Giant readers (and, really, anyone who stumbled across this blog by accident or whatever). 

So, go to eShakti, get a chicken dress of your own, or a coat or whatever tickles your fancy, use this code, FFG0811, and get $20.00 off your purchase.  The code is good until 12/31/2011.  Also, don’t forget to enter my gift card giveaway.

And, have a happy Wednesday.


P.S. Thank you all for your kind words.  I'll get over myself.  Eventually.