Friday, January 13, 2012

It’s Hard, Y’All

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s freezing here in Oregon.  This is forcing me to find increasingly creative ways to layer so that I stay warm but don’t look like I’m smuggling a ham and two small children.  And it’s hard, y’all:

I think I did okay with this outfit though; maybe half a ham or so, but no children.  I think it helps that I kept the layers thin.  Today’s thin layers include: an embellished tank (Design History) over a black turtleneck (Gap) and a bright coral cardigan (Nordstrom) over both.  I paired them with grey skinnies (Gap), flat boots (Born Crown via Nordstrom) and a gingham scarf (Steve Madden).

For the record?  I’m still cold.  But, it’s Friday and I have a three-day weekend, so that’s pretty exciting.  Also exciting is the fact that I didn’t fall off my pilates mat last night.  Okay, it’s because we didn’t do mat work; we were on the exercise balls the whole time.  But, I didn’t fall of the ball either – I did, however, drop one on my face, but I still consider that progress.

Happy Friday, All!