Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Collar

I wanted to title this post “Working Girl” and then I remembered that, in the American lexicon at least, working girl means something completely different.  And, like V.D., it has a rather unsavory meaning.  Why does ‘working man’ mean a blue-collar physical laborer and ‘working girl’ mean a hooker?  Like that’s the only work a girl, or a woman, is good for?  Seriously, that’s some BS right there.

But, let me climb down from my soap box and we’ll talk about my outfit.  This outfit:

It got very cold (though thankfully clear) here in Oregon last night and today, so layers were in order.  I layered my chambray tunic (Old Navy) over a long-sleeve tee (Old Navy) and layered a pleated, plaid skirt (vintage, thrifted) over blue tights (DKNY).  I added wool socks and my trusty riding boots (Born “Sosie” via Nordstrom).  I was actually still cold but there is really no way of getting around that when you ride your bike in the middle of winter.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!