Thursday, March 8, 2012


I do not have any children.  I do, however, have several nieces and nephews.  Having a lot of nieces and nephews generally requires nothing more from me than knowing the difference between Autobots and Decepticons for the nephews and buying the cutest, girliest clothes I can find for the nieces.  Every once in a while though, I am asked to do more.  Today was such a day; today, I was an Auntie-on-the-Go and this is what I wore:

For this outfit, I gathered everything I know about children (next to nothing) and applied it to my clothes.  For example, I wore a bright coral tunic (Gap) because children like bright colors.  I paired the tunic with olive skinnies (also Gap) and added animal print mini-wedges because children also like animals.  A slapdash coat of coral polish on the toes, some bracelets and a watch, because children like to know what time it is, and I was ready.

Ready for what, you ask?  Well, today, I went to my nephew’s school to have lunch with him.  They had their Mother’s Day Lunch in March for reasons that escape me, and my sister couldn’t be there, because, in addition to being the best sister in the world, she is also the best basketball coach in the world.  A lot of people think that title belongs to John Wooden or Phil Jackson, but it doesn’t.  It belongs to my sister (or maybe Pat Summit – I’m a huge Pat Summit fan).  And because my sister is an awesome coach, she is in Iowa today, awesomely coaching her team in the NAIA National Tournament (Go Lady Warriors!). 

So, it was Auntie Gracey to the rescue.  And I had a great time with the nephew.  The food was the same as I remember and the children seemed to respond well to the bright coral.  Or they just like to talk.  Either way, it was good. 

Happy Thursday, Everyone!  And once again, Go Lady Warriors!


Oops.  I almost forgot.  Today is Thursday and Meagan, formerly of Spunky Chateau, and now of Brass In Pocket,is hosting her Thursday is for Thrifters Link Party.  I’m not wearing any thrifted items today outside of a bracelet, so I’m linking up yesterday’s outfit which was 75% thrifted.  And 100% awesome.  I’m just sayin’.