Monday, March 5, 2012

Old Fashioned

My friend, Kathy, said I look old fashioned today.  I suppose it was inevitable that someone would make that comment.  After all, the majority of this outfit is vintage:

The floral dress is vintage from an antique mall in Albany, OR.  The blazer is vintage Montgomery Ward from my thrifting trip with Kelsey (Hi, Kelsey!).  And the cameo bracelet is vintage from an antique mall in Nashville, TN.  I also added my vintage lion-head earrings, olive tights (Hue) and tasseled booties (Seychelles via Nordstrom).

I know the idea is to try to modernize vintage items, but I just didn’t care to today.  Besides which, I rather like today’s outfit.  In spite of the fact that it’s all matchy-matchy and muted tones, in addition to being old fashioned, it still feels like me.  More than likely that's due to my adherence to this silhouette - my thighs and I like it best.

Or, maybe, I’m just old fashioned.  (Probably not though).

Happy Monday, Everyone!