Monday, March 19, 2012

Pattern and Texture

This is an outfit that I wish had photographed a little bit better because it gets its interest not from color, but from pattern and texture:

Really, the only color I’m wearing is the rose-colored skirt (thrifted and taken up).  Otherwise, the outfit is just shades of black, gray and cream.  But, there are stripes on the sweater-blazer (Halogen via Nordstrom) and polka dots on the tights (Target).  And there are different textures with the skirt, the blazer, the lace top (Limited) and the leather boots (Gap).  I think all of the different textures, along with the mix of patterns, make the outfit deceptively complex.  At the same time though, it’s a pretty easy outfit, which is nice for a Monday.

Again, it’s one that I really liked and I just wish the photographs showed it better.

Happy Monday, All!


P.S. For you Walking Dead watchers, I think The Violet Reaction’s comment in my last post is absolutely correct.  Then again, I haven’t seen last night’s show yet…