Friday, March 2, 2012

Wednesday Colors on a Friday

Alternately Titled: I’m Not Unoriginal, I’m Just Cold

Although, I will say that it’s not as cold as yesterday.  We had rain instead of snow and ice last night, so that’s something.  I am, however, wearing pretty much the same color combination as I wore on Wednesday:

In my defense, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a saying for a reason.  And, in my opinion, the combination of burgundy, olive and rust ain’t broke.  Besides which, today’s burgundy and olive are different shades than Wednesday’s and surely that counts for something.  (It is okay if I call you Shirley, right?)

Today I layered a deep olive dolman-sleeve sweater (a.n.a/JC Penney) over a deep burgundy turtleneck (Gap) and a tan striped tunic (Old Navy).  I added skinny jeans tucked into riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie”) and a rust-hued paisley scarf (Target).

Okay, yes, fine, you caught me.  I’m a little unoriginal; these are the same boots and scarf as Wednesday.

Also, this is a picture from today of me looking sly.  It cracks me up so I thought I’d leave you with it:

And with wishes for a wonderful weekend, of course!