Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring in Oregon

So, it’s spring in Oregon, which doesn’t necessarily mean sun.  We have sun and then we don’t.  Spring in Oregon basically means the trees are blooming and then the rains are coming along and beating the snot out of those trees.  Seriously, I think there are more petals on the ground here than on the poor cherry trees.

This now-I’m-sunny-now-I’m-not weather can also be difficult to dress for.  I mean, it’s spring, I’d like to wear spring-like colors but it’s also raining and sometimes pouring.  Today’s outfit is my attempt at a compromise:

I wore a skirt because it dries quickly but a bright yellow skirt (Eileen Fisher, thrifted) because it isspring, after all.  I paired the skirt with a gray tee (Old Navy) and a black cardigan (Gap) because Oregon’s spring weather requires layers.  I added cuffed boots (Gap) so my toes don’t get wet (I hate wet toes), a silver necklace-as-bracelet and a silver, fringe necklace (as necklace, Jessica Simpson Collection via Macys).

Happy Thursday, All!  I hope your weather is less psychotic!