Monday, April 9, 2012

Straight Outta Boca

Straight Outta Boca is both where these pants look like they came from and the name of the octogenarian rock band I’m going to start when I get older.  However, the rock band is the future and the pants are now, so let’s talk about the pants:

They’re double knit plaid, they only cost me a quarter and I’m pretty sure they are vintage, men’s golf pants, albeit for a not very tall man.  I can totally see them on the golf course in Boca Raton in the 60s.  Pete Campbell would wear these pants.   

The funny thing is that I wouldn’t say that man-shaped in any way, but I’ll be darned if these man pants don’t fit me better than any other crops I’ve ever had.  I mean, they’re a little big in the waist, but they don’t make my hips or thighs stabby.  And they go well with my coral sweater (Target) and leopard wedges (Tahari via DSW).  Man pants, people; they’re awesome.

In fact?  Today’s Takeaway?  When in doubt, man pants.

Happy Monday, All!