Friday, April 6, 2012

Whiskers Be Gone

So, I love the fit of the jeans I wore today.  They are the Gap Real Straight Jeans and while I love me some skinnies, I feel a  bit hip-heavy if I wear skinnies with flats.  But, these straight-legged jeans work well both with flats and my hips.  Unfortunately, they also have crotch-whiskers:

February 2011 - just a girl and her whiskers

Seriously?  What is that?  I know they’re supposed to make me look like one of the cool kids with a favorite pair of jeans that I’ve worn nearly into whiskery oblivion, but they don’t.  They make me look like my pelvis is hungry for some Fancy Feast.

Well, they hadcrotch-whiskers.  I've since dyed them:

Much better, yes?  No more pelvic yearning for a catnip mouse and a sunny corner.  Instead of distracting from the rest of the outfit, they add to it.  Today the rest of the outfit consists of a coral tunic (Gap), gray cardigan (also Gap), a multicolored scarf (Nordstrom) and blue velvet flats (v. old, Old Navy). 

Have pesky crotch whiskers of your own?  Try dying your jeans; I used Rit Navy for mine and just followed the directions on the box.  If you want darker color, both Sal, of Already Pretty, and Jessica, of What I Wore, have great tutorials on over-dying.

Happy Friday, Everyone!  This weekend I have, what I’m assuming will be a miserably cold birthday party at the zoo tomorrow and, of course, Easter is Sunday.

So, Happy Friday and Happy Easter!