Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Seen: May 2, 2011

That’s right; these pants haven’t been seen, on this blog or otherwise, in over a year:

Honestly, I think it’s because they’re pants.  I don’t really wear pants.  I wear jeans and I wear leggings, but I’m in skirts and dresses the majority of the time.  And if I do wear pants, they’re usually cropped pants.  Actual-pants pants are just not my thing.

However, in the spirit of my exploration of the Land of Nosh Opping, I gave them a whirl today.  I paired the pants (Banana Republic Outlet) with a cream lace blouse (The Limited) layered over a black tank (Target).  I added a black patent belt (Nine West via Ross), yellow patent peep-toes (Me Too via Nordstrom) and yellow hoop earrings (Nordstrom).

And, it’s… okay.  These pants are perfectly serviceable.  And that’s not a bad thing to be; it just doesn’t really fit into my aesthetic.  I may not have a catch phrase for my style, but I can guarantee you that “Perfectly Serviceable” isn’t it.

So, why did I, a non-pants wearer, buy these pants?  Because I figured I might need them someday.  For example, what if I get a job where they don’t allow skirts or dresses due to the floor being made entirely of vents blowing hot air?  I’d need pants then, right?  Or, what if the next EBEW challenge is just “Pants” (as opposed to “Pants: The Musical,” which would be AWESOME).  Or someone may invent International Pants Day, and of course I’d want to be a part of that, so I’d need pants.

Looking over these reasons, none of them are very good, or probable, so I’m afraid these pants are going on the chopping block.  Let’s just hope International Pants Day never happens though, or I shall be very put out.

Happy Thursday, All!


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day One: In the Land of Nosh Opping

I embarked on my journey into the peculiar land of Nosh Opping today.  It is truly a strange country; all credit cards had to be left at the border and there are no thrift stores.  I do not know how long I will last here, but I am dedicated to exploring the currently uncharted region the locals call The Giants Closet, so I will hold out as long as I am able.

For the first day of my expedition, I wore the following:

I paired a pleated skirt (thrifted) with a silk tank (Anna & Frank, thrifted), an open open-weave cardigan (Eddie Bauer, thrifted), animal print booties (80%20 via Piperlime), lion drop earrings (vintage), a cameo bracelet (vintage) and a long necklace (thrifted). 

The pleated skirt probably looks familiar as I wear it often.  The booties are also a favorite of mine and have been seen before, but the silk blouse and the cardigan may be less familiar.  I actually found these artifacts as I explored The Giants Closet today, which was encouraging.    It is my hope that I will find similarly pleasing items as I explore the region, but I know this will not always be the case.  There are bound to be pitfalls filled with sharpened stakes and/or ill-fitting clothes.

Pitfalls or no, I shall continue to document my progress in Nosh Opping, and The Giants Closet, for as long as I am able to resist the lure of thrift stores in the outside world.

Happy Wednesday, All!


P.S. For those of you wondering what the heck I’m talking about, this post will help explain.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Jaye Edwards balayage hair on Friend in Fashion Jaye Edwards balayage hair on Friend in Fashion Jaye Edwards balayage hair on Friend in Fashion
      Little Black Teapot flower wreath, Evil Twin tee via Market HQJoe's Jeans 
A good hair dresser is like finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully I have now found mine.

Last week, I had the pleasure of having my hair treated by balayage king and hair extraordinaire, Jaye Edwards, who beautifully lightened my locks to perfection.

Jaye, based in Sydney's Surry Hills, makes the commute to his new St Kilda salon every few months, so now Melbourne girls can get a piece of the action too.

If you are on the hunt for incredible hair, look no further.

Contact Jaye: | twitter | facebook

Saturation Point

The title of this post has nothing to do with this dress:

I love this dress.  I wasn’t entirely sold on it when I first saw it and was still sort of iffy when I tried it on because I worried that it might be too matronly.  And perhaps it is, though I like to think the random yellow cuff keeps it fresh.  Either way, I absolutely adore it now.

In addition to the random yellow cuff (Mississippi Street Fair), I also paired the dress (vintage Liz Roberts, thrifted) with nude platform sandals (Banana Republic “Natalie”), a skinny belt (Gap) and square wooden earrings (Last Thursday vendor).

Image via Banana Republic

I especially like this dress because the skirt is secretly pleated and therefore secretly awesome for riding a bike in.  See?  Secret pleats:

Oh.  You really can't see very well, but trust me, that skirt is pleated.

Awesome as they are, the pleats also don’t have anything to do with the title of this post, so I suppose I should get down to it. 

“It” being the fact that my closet has reached it’s saturation point.  I have too many clothes.  My closet is stuffed to the gills and my poor dress armoire can’t possibly hold another dress.  In fact, this dress didn’t even make it to the armoire; it went straight from the laundry room to my what-I-think-I’m-going-to-wear-tomorrow hook. 

I blame Target and the thrift stores.  For example, both Value Village and Salvation Army had 50% off sales this weekend, and of course I had to go.  And I of course I had to buy some new vintage dresses and now I have too many clothes.  And Target?  In the past couple of months, I think I may have single-handedly helped my neighborhood Target reach their sales goals.

No more though.  I’m being forced into a “use it or lose it” situation with my closet.  So, I’m going to stop shopping (although I reserve the right to possibly shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) until I’ve worn and/or gotten rid of every item currently in my closet.  Random 70s wear and sequined dresses aside, of course.

Wish me luck!


P.S. If you’re lucky enough to still have room in your closet, there is still time to enter my eShakti giveaway, here.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Printed pants on Friend in Fashion Printed pants on Friend in Fashion Printed pants on Friend in Fashion Printed pants on Friend in Fashion Printed pants on Friend in Fashion
      Lucette shirt & silk trousers, Tony Bianco sandals, Faddoul coat,
Wildfox earrings via Eyegasm Brands (03 9528 7300) 

I am a huge supporter of Australian design, and this outfit sports two of my absolute favourites - Lucette, and Faddoul.

Gorgeous fabrics and detailing like these studded cuffs and exquisite prints underpin the design philosophy of both of these Aussie brands and is why I keep coming back for more.

In other news, the countdown to the nuptials, and return to the U S of A is on.

Unlike your traditional bride, I'm off for an overseas adventure, including visits to the States, Mexico and Vancouver, so flights, accommodation and dress decisions have taken over. Mind you, over the weekend, I was treated to some much needed pre-wedding rest and relaxation at The Olsen Hotel.

Definitely just what I needed.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


The lovely Jean, of Dross into Gold, has given me a Blogger Appreciation Award:

For which I am, well, very appreciative.  Honestly, it's always such a pleasant surprise when I get one of these.

In order to accept the award, I must:
1.  Thank the person who nominated me by linking his/her blog:  Thank you, Jean
2.  Answer the four questions below.
3.  Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to fellow bloggers.
4.  Let those bloggers know that you have nominated them.

  1. How long have you been blogging?
Almost a year and a half now.  I started in January 2011 after about six months of hemming and hawing.
  1. Why did you start blogging?
For a couple reasons, actually.  One, because it’s hard for me to visualize how a trend would look on my shape when I see it on a dissimilar shape.  It’s like shoes.  They look so cute in a size 5 ½, but bring them out in my size 10 and Borrowers run out from under the Nordstrom couches to try and appropriate them as boats.  I figured if I had these problems, other giants tall women might feel the same. 

Two, because I’ve always sort of thought I’d like to be a writer.  But, I know it’s like anything else in that you have to practice.  I wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping a journal and thought blogging would be a good way to practice writing, see if I actually liked it and see what my “voice” sounded like.
  1. What type of blogs do you like to follow/read?
Mostly, but not exclusively, personal style blogs.  I don’t really read “fashion” blogs because while I try to stay aware of the trends, I don’t consider myself a particularly trendy person and I don’t try to be.
  1. What is the one thing you’d like to improve on as a blogger?
My writing.  I think I probably write too much.  But, I talk too much too, so I think that may just be me.  Still, I’d like to be more succinct at times.  Just at times though; basically nattering on about nothing is sort of my thing.

My Nominees:

Jessica at A Day In The Life of One Girl

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


Friday, May 25, 2012

FBFF for May 25th

Today's FBFF Questions are all about summer trends.  Katy Rose of Modly Chic has asked us what we are loving for the upcoming season.

I’m actually loving pretty much the same trends for summer as I was for spring.  Weather-wise there isn’t a huge difference between spring and summer weather in my part of Oregon so my summer wardrobe is essentially my spring wardrobe but with more sandals.

Here are some things I can’t wait to wear this summer with sandals.

Tropical Prints

I’m amused as all heck that tropical prints are back.  I like them because they’re kitschy and I love the kitsch, but I also like them because they’re so easy to thrift.  In fact, I’ve already worn a thrifted, tropical print piece this year:

Printed Pants

I’m sort of obsessed with this trend.  As I mentioned before, I know I probably shouldn’t wear printed pants given the size and militancy of my thighs, but darned if I don’t love them.  I’ve thrifted a couple of pairs, including these that I’ve already worn this spring:

Oh, look, more tropical print.  Well, I warned you...


It’s the Pantone Color of the Year and, in my opinion, for good reason.  It’s just so frickin’ vibrant.  See?:

Coral Belts

Okay, this isn’t a trend, except in my wardrobe, but I love my skinny coral belt.  I’ve worn it multiple times and will definitely be wearing it all summer long:


It took me a little while to get on board with neon last year, but I’m glad it stuck around for another year.  I have a few pieces in my closet, mostly neon pink, mostly thrifted, and I can’t wait to wear them.  I’d also love a pair of neon shoes, like one of the pairs below.

Heart and Soul “Pasquale”:

Image via Piperlime

Or even a pair with just a little bit of neon, like these:

Lucky Ballerina Flat at Alloy (image via Alloy)

How about you, Reader Friends?  What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?  Maybe something from eShakti?  If so, don't forget to enter my giveaway.  And, Schoolmarm Style is hosting an eShakti giveaway, too, so visit Kathryn for even more chances to win!

Happy Friday, All!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Get a Four-Day Weekend, You Get a Giveaway

As I've mentioned about 72 times (that's only an approximation, of course), I have a four-day weekend this weekend.  But, I couldn't leave my peeps (that's you all) high and dry, so I'm hosting an eShakti giveaway!

Now, you may have already entered an eShakti giveaway on another blog.  That's okay, you can enter here too.  And it's sooooo easy.

  1. Follow Fashion for Giants.  It's usually a pretty good time.
  2. Visit eShakti and decide which one item you'd choose if you won.
  3. Like eShakti on Facebook
  4. Don't have Facebook?  You can follow eShakti on Pinterest instead.
After that, just leave me a comment letting me know which item you'd choose if you won.  And if you chose the Facebook or Pinterest route for liking/following eShakti.  See?  So easy. 

What's that?  You'd like to know what I'd choose if I won?  Well, kids, lemme tell you.  I'd personally choose one of these four dresses:

The Swan Song Dress
I'm obsessed with this one.  From the print to the neckline.  Obsessed.

The Bow Ties Are Cool Dress
Check out the keyhole detail on the neckline; j'adore!

Heart Mints Shirtdress
Hearts!  Yellow buttons!  Shirtdress!  Yay!

 Make a Beeline Dress
The back of this dress is plain gray; so fun!

These are my favorites, but eShakti has dozens and dozens of dresses to choose from as well as skirts and blouses.  They carry up to a size 26 and most of the items can be customized to your measurements.  Basically, they're pretty great.

So, I hope you'll enter.  Unfortunately, it's only open to US and Canadian readers, but you have until midnight PST on May 31st to enter.  And I'll announce the winner on June 1st.  And remember, if you do win, you can even have the garment you choose customized!

Bon Chance!


Floral and Tights

I’m aware that this isn’t the most spring-like outfit in the world:

But, I had to wear tights; it was very cold and very rainy on my ride in today which means that I had to wear something that kept me warm and dried quickly.  As I mentioned before, that’s usually tights.  Today the tights (Spanx) are layered under a sleeveless floral dress (thrifted and hemmed) and a cardigan (Old Navy).  I added a skinny belt (Steve Madden via Ross), booties (BC Footwear via Piperlime) and pink drop earrings (gifted; thanks, Nan!). 

And yes, I was mostly warm enough and I dried quickly.

Hopefully the weather will be better for Memorial Day Weekend, but if not, it’s still a four-day weekend for me and that’s fabulous news, rain or shine.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dress as Tunic

As a giant, I often repurpose dresses as tunics.  Today is one of those days:

This tunic was sold as a dress for non-giants as part of the Jason Wu for Target collection.  As you can see, it’s not even close to being dress length on me, but I liked it, so I decided to buy it anyway (on clearance, of course) and wear it as a tunic.

I paired the dress/tunic with cropped skinnies (Bandolino via Macys), a vintage Perry Ellis blazer (thrifted) and my new color-blocked, crazy-patterned wedges (Statement of Purpose Wedge via Modcloth). 

I’ve been looking for a pair of color-blocked, colorful wedges for some time and finally found these a Modcloth:

Image via Modcloth

I think I might love them.
I also love the fact that my week is nearly done.  After tomorrow I have a four-day weekend in which I will proceed to do mostly nothing, probably.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


August Street statement blazer on Friend in Fashion August Street statement blazer on Friend in Fashion August Street statement blazer on Friend in Fashion August Street statement blazer on Friend in Fashion
      August Street blazerZara boyfriend jeans, Arnette sunglassesRMK Heels  

As soon as I set eyes on this incredible blazer by Aussie label, August Street, I had to have it!

The colourful Aztec inspired print, tuxedo collar and coat tails, make it the perfect statement blazer, which looks just as fantastic, dressed down with these boyfriend jeans, as it does dressed up with leather trousers and a silk blouse.

Definitely a wardrobe stand out.

Today is Tuesday, I’m Wearing Clothes

Yes, today isTuesday and I am wearing clothes.  These clothes:

For my Tuesday clothes wearing, I paired a bright blue midi skirt (vintage, thrifted) with a bright pink sweater (Talbots, thrifted).  I added wedge sandals (Corso Como via Piperlime) and a pink and blue cuff.  And that’s all I have to say about it.  I’m sorry, folks, but we have a short week at work this week and next and I’m preoccupied and out of sorts as a result.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Bonus Footage: Gracey Goes to a Concert

I went for a Journey cover band, also got a Bon Jovi cover band and a lovely acoustic trio that performed a surprisingly amusing/amazing Color Me Badd cover.  It was fantastic.

What I wore:

I never have any idea what to wear to concerts, but I figured something neon-adjacent was probably appropriate given the whole Journey/80s thing.  So, I layered a neon & tan print tank (thrifted) over a white tank (Target) with black skinnies (Gap Outlet).  I added a black blazer (Gap), which ended up not being worn, a vintage, tasseled cross-body bag (thrifted), strappy heels (v. old, Nine West) and some jewelry, including some of my favorite earrings (Betsy & Iya “Hooded Wonder” via Mabel & Zora).

Close up of the bag:

Close up of the earrings:

The night started with an acoustic band called Guy Dilly and The Twin Powers.  And they are absolutely amazing.  There are just three of them and the drummer was my favorite.  Her “drum” was a wooden box that she sat on while playing and she also played a tambourine (with her foot!) and sang back up vocal at the same time!  She’s basically my idol.  You can see her, and the rest of the band, in this video from a performance in December:

If you ever get a chance to hear this band, do it.  They’re great.  In fact, you can find out about their upcoming performances and see more video, here.

The headliners of the night were, as I mentioned Friday, a Journey tribute band called Stone in Love.  They really are amazing and so much fun.  They completely encourage crowd participation, which I love, because who doesn’t love belting out Journey songs at the top of their lungs?  No one in this crowd, that’s for sure:

 After Stone in Love, we were treated to a sort of sneak preview of one of the newer cover bands in town (there is a surprising amount), called Steel Horse.  They are a Bon Jovi cover band and their lead singer has an amazing voice.  They were still a little rough around the edges, but it was still super fun to watch and yowl along to:

And that was my Saturday night. 

How about you, Reader Friends?  How was your weekend?

Happy Monday, All!


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Pastel fashion and white jeans on Friend in FashionPastel fashion and white jeans on Friend in FashionPastel fashion and white jeans on Friend in FashionPastel fashion and white jeans on Friend in FashionPastel fashion and white jeans on Friend in Fashion
      J Brand jeans'We Love Wolves' trench via Market HQ, Sportsgirl Jumper, Zara Heels  

As mentioned in my last 'all white' outfit post (here), these white J Brand jeans sure are getting a work out lately.

Normally limited to wearing white in the warmer months, I'm finding a new love for dressing for winter in neutrals and pretty pastel colours.

In other exciting news...I'm getting married, which means my life is currently all a whirl with dress choices, bridal celebrations and travel plans.

More on that very soon.

Photos: Sabine Legrand