Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Nod to Nautical

I was out yesterday and I completely missed the EBEW Nautical Challenge.  So, I decided to wear today what I would have worn yesterday if I hadn’t been off gallivanting:

Yep.  Sailboats.  Like Nora Bird I’m mildly obsessed with sailboat prints right now.  In my case because of a vintage skirt that I recently altered (I’ll wear it Friday, I think).  So, when I saw this blouse on “sail,” (See what I did there?  Hilarious) at Old Navy the other day, I knew I had to have it.

I paired my new sailboat blouse with my vintage man pants (thrifted), nude sandals (Banana Republic) and a few bracelets.  These pants still continue to make me very, very happy.  In fact, I even made up a song for them.  It’s called “Man Pants, Baby” and is sung to the tune of “Cat Scratch Fever.”

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!