Monday, May 7, 2012

Floranimal and Pleats

I’m pretty much obsessed with this floranimal (floral & animal = floranimal) blouse:

I know it’s kitschy as all heck; but I’m pretty sure that’s why I like it.  That and because it lends itself to made up words, like floranimal.  Anybody who knows me knows two things I like are kitschy prints and made up words.

Today I paired my floranimal blouse (vintage, thrifted) with a pleated skirt (thrifted) and animal print wedges (Tahari via DSW) because two other things I like are pleated skirts and mixing floranimal with animal.  I also added some gold bangles (Nordstrom), a patent belt (Steve Madden via Ross) and earrings (Nikki Jacoby “Labyrinth”):

And that’s it for me.  I’m off early today because I’m going to the Black Keys concert tonight.  And I’m off tomorrow because I’m going to the Black Keys concert tonight.

Happy Monday, Everyone!