Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day

First, the good news.  My friend Kendra, is having a May Day Sale at her Etsy shop, House of Heirlooms.  You can get 20% off by entering the code MAYDAY when you check out.  And you don’t even have to have a Paypal account; Kendra has direct checkout so you can use your credit or debit card.  She also has adorably awesome vintage stuff, so go check it out.

Now for the less good news; it’s May 1st and I’m wearing tights.  I resisted returning to tights as long as I could, but it’s only been in the low-50s lately and that’s still a bit cold for bike riding.  However, it’s not too terrible because they’re hot pink tights:

I paired my Macys-clearance hot pink tights (Hue) with one of my several vintage day dresses (thrifted) that got taken up during the Great Hemming Spree of 2012.  I added wedge booties (Nine West “Peekaboo” via Piperlime), hot pink drop earrings.  And my vintage bracelet (Ray’s Ragtime):

I have to say, I love the cut of this dress, but I also love how very 80s the white triangles on the black background are.  Also?  Pockets:

Speaking of my love for the 80s, 80s prom is in 10 days!  I am so excited!!  I promise to share pictures of my velvet, off-the-shoulder dress, but, the lovely Thrifted Shift gave me a fabulous idea for you guys to share some prom photos too.  If you all (or just a few of you) are interested, I’d like to do a post that includes your prom pictures as well as mine.  I’ll either figure out how to do a linky-thingy or, and this is more likely, I’ll have you all send me photos and I’ll post them here. 

In summation: Visit House of Heirlooms.  Let me know if you want to share prom photos with me.  Have a happy Tuesday.