Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Seen: May 2, 2011

That’s right; these pants haven’t been seen, on this blog or otherwise, in over a year:

Honestly, I think it’s because they’re pants.  I don’t really wear pants.  I wear jeans and I wear leggings, but I’m in skirts and dresses the majority of the time.  And if I do wear pants, they’re usually cropped pants.  Actual-pants pants are just not my thing.

However, in the spirit of my exploration of the Land of Nosh Opping, I gave them a whirl today.  I paired the pants (Banana Republic Outlet) with a cream lace blouse (The Limited) layered over a black tank (Target).  I added a black patent belt (Nine West via Ross), yellow patent peep-toes (Me Too via Nordstrom) and yellow hoop earrings (Nordstrom).

And, it’s… okay.  These pants are perfectly serviceable.  And that’s not a bad thing to be; it just doesn’t really fit into my aesthetic.  I may not have a catch phrase for my style, but I can guarantee you that “Perfectly Serviceable” isn’t it.

So, why did I, a non-pants wearer, buy these pants?  Because I figured I might need them someday.  For example, what if I get a job where they don’t allow skirts or dresses due to the floor being made entirely of vents blowing hot air?  I’d need pants then, right?  Or, what if the next EBEW challenge is just “Pants” (as opposed to “Pants: The Musical,” which would be AWESOME).  Or someone may invent International Pants Day, and of course I’d want to be a part of that, so I’d need pants.

Looking over these reasons, none of them are very good, or probable, so I’m afraid these pants are going on the chopping block.  Let’s just hope International Pants Day never happens though, or I shall be very put out.

Happy Thursday, All!


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