Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Unruly Undergarments

I think this blouse is so pretty, but I don’t love how it seems to be cut in a manner determined to show my bra strap:

Maybe my bra strap doesn’t want to be seen, Blouse.  Did you ever think of that? 

But wait… maybe it’s my bra strap’s fault.  Maybe my bra is the leader of an underground lingerie gang called The Unruly Undergarments whose motto is “Power to the Panties” and who worship 90s Madonna (obviously).  Maybe The Unruly Undergarments are tired of being behind the scenes and they used my poor blouse to further their agenda. 

Yeah.  I’d say that sounds about right.

Over the patsy of a blouse (Nordstrom) and the rebellious bra, I wore an embellished cardigan (Target).  I also wore cropped pants (Banana Republic) and added teal peep-toe flats (Target), a vintage turquoise bracelet (Ray’s Ragtime) and vintage lion earrings:

Happy Thursday, Everyone!  Power to the Panties!