Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will You Go To Prom With Me?

As you all know, because I won't shut up about it, I am going to 80s Prom at McMennamin's Kennedy School again this year.

Here is our group photo from last year:

Yes, we're very pretty.  I promise to share more photos from this year, but I want to see your photos from your proms too.  And I want to post them on my blog.

So, if you want (and I hope you do), please email me your original prom photos, your recent 80s prom photos if you've attended one, or you in your old prom dress if you still have it and can still fit in it (keeping in mind that no one likes a showoff).  Email your photos to fashionforgiants @ gmail (dot) com and give me a little background.  Your name (if you want), your date's name, the year, who you're wearing, etc.  And, if you're a blogger, provide your link so I can link back to you.

Prom is on the 11th (next Friday), so if you can all get your photos to me by the 10th, I'll post yours and mine on the 12th.  When I wake up from partying all night.

Let me know if you have any questions!  And I hope you'll say yes!