Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Skirt # 3 – The Pencil

This is one of two black pencil skirts that I own:

Today I wore the skirt (vintage, thrifted) with a scarf-print blouse (thrifted), a chain belt (via Mabel & Zora), lion earrings (vintage) and leopard print peep-toe mini-wedges (v. old via Ross).   I actually really liked this outfit considering it’s made of pieces I don’t wear very often.  For example, the blouse has only been worn once before.  But that’s not because I don’t like it; it’s just such a distinctive piece and it's also not the easiest to style.  Styling difficulty is something I’m taking into consideration during this Nosh Opping Expedition, but I think in this case I’ll keep this piece.

This isn’t about the blouse though.  It’s about the skirt(s). 

Truthfully, I don’t know why I own more than one black pencil skirt.  I rarely wear pencil skirts of any color because they are not great for riding a bike in.  However, this one is knit and therefore is better than most for riding.  That fact, and the fact that I do actually like it, makes it pretty much the only black pencil skirt that I wear. 

In fact, I’ve only worn my other black pencil skirt once.  Probably because it doesn’t have the bike-riding advantage of being knit andbecause it doesn’t fit me nearly as well as this one.  I only bought it because I worry a bit about how body-con this skirt is, and for the same reason I bought those brown pants; I figured I might need a basic black pencil skirt someday.  Now, though, I realize I don’t and I certainly don’t need one that doesn’t fit right. 

So, today’s pencil skirt stays and so does the admittedly wacky blouse.  However, the non-knit pencil skirt will be donated back to the thrift store.

Happy Thursday, All!