Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy Day, Busy Dress

I gave up on my separates-wearing today and went with a dress:

I love how easy dresses are; which is why I think I have so many.  Anything that requires a minimum of effort on my part will always find a home in my closet.  I mean, it’s just a dress (vintage), flats (Target), a belt (Gap) and a bracelet (vintage).  Does it get any easier than that?

And I definitely needed easy today.   I’m getting off early today for Last Thursday (so excited!!!) so I have to rush to get stuff done at work.  It’s a busy day and not only is my dress easy, it’s appropriately busy.  But, I like this print, both the busy-ness and the colors.  I’m a big fan of bright floral prints, but I think those with deeper tones are easier to style year-round.  I’m already looking forward to wearing this dress with riding boots and tights this fall.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!