Friday, June 15, 2012

Rough Going in the Land of Nosh Opping

I am beginning to dread what I believe is the months of exploration I have left in the Giant’s Closet region of the Land of Nosh Opping.  Although I’ve been here for a mere three weeks, it feels like three months.  And I can certainly see why they don’t get a lot of tourist dollars in Nosh Opping.  The weather isn’t that great, the terrain is inhospitable and the government is really strict on the whole no shopping thing. 

I know that the more quickly I get through, or get rid of, all the items in my closet, the more quickly I can return to the land of retail and joy, but it’s been rough going to create outfits with new pieces each day.  This was the fourth look I tried on today:

And it was such a struggle fording the river and climbing the hill to get here (my mule, Maurice, was once again of little help), that I’m not even sure it was worth it.  I know I like the pieces of this outfit, but I’m not sure it all works together.  I believe the hardships of this expedition may be causing me to lose perspective. 

What I do know is that I like, and plan on keeping, all of these pieces.  I like the top (vintage, thrifted) though I think it could be less boxy.  I also like these pants (vintage men’s pants, thrifted) and do like the top with them.  And, the shoes are great (Jeffery Campbell via Nordstom) though perhaps not with this?  I don’t know.  Did I mention the food here sucks?

But, what doesn’t suck is the fact that today is Friday and it’s sunny and I’m going to the Doug Fir to listen to Guy Dilly tonight.  I’m very excited.

Happy Friday, All!  Enjoy your weekends!