Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Hunchback of Santa Fe

I love the colors on this jacket, and I adore the print, but it makes me feel like the Hunchback of Santa Fe:

And that, I imagine, is why I’ve never worn it, even though it’s been in my closet for at least a year.  I’ve attempted to wear it several times, but it’s never been quite right.  And today is no exception.  It’s just not quite right.  I like the colors of the jacket (thrifted) with the color of the blouse (Nordstrom).  And I like the skinny jeans (Gap) with the platform sandals (MRKT via DSW).  And I like the red-orange necklace with the blouse and the jacket.  But, I don’t like the jacket.  The fit really just isn’t right; it gives me hunchy, bunchy shoulders and my shoulders don’t like that at all.

So, it’s gone.  I’m actually going to give it to a co-worker who saw me in it today and liked it (yes, even on me).

I think we can consider this progress.  Sure, I still have too many black skirts, but I no longer have an ill-fitting, multicolored jacket or a bunch of drop-waist skirts.  So, sure, yes, let’s call it progress.*

Happy Tuesday, All!


* I will be doing a post on my progress (or whatever) fairly soon (hopefully), so stay tuned (please).