Monday, June 11, 2012

Yes, No, Yes

Yes, my dress is sheer.  No, I’m not entirely certain it’s work-appropriate.  Yes, I wore it to work anyway:

And I loved it.  Sheerness be damned, I think this dress is fabulous.  It is, admittedly, probably more of a party dress than a work dress, but the only party I have coming up is a 90s party and this dress is from the 70s.  Besides which, I wanted to wear it now, not later, so I wore it to work.  I'm not a complete dress code rebel though, so I did wear the dress (vintage Lady Blair) layered over a navy blue slip.  I also added a black patent belt (Steve Madden via Ross) and black patent mini-wedges (Seychelles).

I guess this probably isn't the most versatile dress in my closet, given that its a sheer 70s party dress, but it will definitely remain in my closet.  And I will wear this dress again.  There is just no way in heck am I getting rid of this one.

Happy Monday, All!