Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boy’s Club

Alternately Titled: Gracey Wears Khakis

These are the only khakis I own.  I have had them for years and if I’ve ever worn them, I don’t recall.  They just aren’t really my style.  I know a lot of women wear khakis, and with great success, on a daily basis, but to me, they feel like menswear, which I do NOT know how to style so I usually avoid borrowing from the boys.   Today, though, I thought I’d give it a shot:

Is it truly androgynous?  Probably not.  But, it’s a level of androgyny I feel comfortable with.  And I really do feel like the looser fit of the pants, the neutral color palette and even the tie-neck blouse are a nod to menswear.  I paired the pants (Gap) with a semi-sheer black sweater (Target) layered over a cream bow blouse (Old Navy).  I also added black suede heels (Me Too via Nordstrom Rack).  I could have gone with flats, which may have been more authentic, but that would have put this outfit way outside my comfort zone and I am not that adventurous.

This outfit is actually a result of my heading back into the Valley of the Duplicates in The Giants Closet.  I have these same pants in grey also and have this same sweater in beige.  I’ve worn the grey pants at least once before, but am not sure I wear either pair enough to warrant having/keeping two pairs.  As for the sweater, I wear the black version fairly frequently, but don’t know that I’ve ever worn the beige version.  Because it’s beige.  I’m just sayin’.  But, I’ll try to wear both of the other pieces this week and decide if I really need all four pieces or just one pair of the pants and one of the sweaters.   Or any of the pants and sweaters.  So many decisions…

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!