Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Closet Orphans: A Rose Print Dress & Stumpifying Flats

Today’s outfit is a combination of closet orphans that I like but don’t wear:

I don’t wear them because, while I really do like both the dress (vintage Clifford & Wills) and the flats (Hive and Honey “Yvonna” via Piperlime), they have their disadvantages as well.  The dress, for example, doesn’t have a full enough skirt for riding my bike in.  When I bought it, I planned on wearing it in the winter with tights, which means it’s been languishing in my closet for a few months now.  The flats, while ridiculously comfortable, can also be a bit stumpifying due to the ankle strap.  Because most of my skirts and dresses are longer, I’m limited in what I can wear these flats with.

Today, however, I decided to pair the two because I drove to work (there was a thunderstorm warning this morning) and thought the above-the-knee length of the dress would be okay with the flats.  And I think it was okay.  In fact, I really like it.  I like the pairing of black and brown (I also added a brown belt (Gap) and jewelry) and love the fit of the dress.  Even though it’s not my usual silhouette, I was very comfortable all day long.

So, these two orphans are definitely keepers.  Speaking of which, I have quite a few more never-worn items that I need to get through, but hopefully I’ll be done with my Nosh Opping expedition by the end of this month.  Hopefully.

Happy Tuesday, All!


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