Friday, July 6, 2012

Mock Turtles = Professional

I wore shorts to work today.  Not clam diggers, not Bermudas, shorts:

But, it’s okay, because I paired the shorts (Target) with a mock turtleneck (vintage, thrifted).  And if anything says professional, it’s a mock turtleneck.  I completed my totally professional outfit with patent mini-wedges (Seychelles), several bracelets and hot pink drop earrings.

As I was wandering along the edge of The Printed Plains in The Giant’s Closet, I came to the realization that I really, really love these shorts.  Not this particular pair (although they do make me happy), but this style of shorts.  As it turns out, I have three pairs of printed shorts from Target and they are all Merona, Fit 1.  I like them because they have fun prints but also because of the fit.  The ride a little lower on the waist, but aren’t low-rise.  And my favorite part; they don’t cut into my thighs when I sit down.

So, these shorts are definitely a keeper.  And of course I have to keep the mock turtleneck as it’s clearly an integral part of my professional wardrobe.

Happy Friday, Everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!