Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Silk Obsession

Over the past year or so, I’ve become obsessed with silk.  It started with a couple of silk blouses from Banana Republic and has resulted in my thrifting four silk tees, two tanks, a halter, four more blouses and a dress.  This is one of the silk tees:

This one makes me happy because it’s so very 80s and we all know I have an irrational fondness for the 80s.  But, c’mon, how can this print in these colors not make you happy?

I paired today’s happy silk tee (thrifted) with black cropped pants (Banana Republic), ankle-wrap wedges (Very Volatile via Nordstrom) and a turquoise-colored bead necklace (rummaged).  The tee really does make me happy and these pants are definitely a keeper.  I want to keep the shoes, but they are several seasons old now and the linen straps are beginning to fray.  I’ll try to repair them, but if not, they’ll be added to the list of items I need to replace.  (Because no shoe wardrobe is complete without ankle-wrap wedges). 

I will try to get through the rest of my seasonally-appropriate thrifted silk items within the next couple weeks, which should put me on track for finishing this expedition by August 1.

Happy Tuesday, All!