Thursday, July 26, 2012

Waists Are Like Eggs

I worry about the waist on this dress:

Specifically, I worry that it’s a drop waist; or an almost drop waist.  I don’t like drop waist dresses on me; for my body, waists are like eggs; they’re better when they haven’t been dropped.    And this dress looks like its heading towards being dropped or at the very least drooped.

I know a dropped waist can be nice for the short-waisted, but I’m not particularly short-waisted so they just look funny on me.  In fact, the only reason I hadn’t worn it before was out of concern about the waist.  But I think belting it worked fairly well:

Which is good because outside of the questionable waist, I really do like this dress.    I love the length, the print and the colors.  And I think it’s another floral that will work well for fall with tights and boots.  Today, however, I paired the dress (vintage, thrifted) with the woven belt (thrifted) and nude platform sandals (Banana Republic). 

Happy Thursday, All!