Friday, August 24, 2012

Like A Real Blogger

I feel almost like a real blogger today:

Layers?  Check.  Awkward skirt length coupled with awkward boot height?  Check.  Blogger bun (sans the sock)?  Check.  

Of course, I should probably be wearing a statement necklace, probably the J. Crew Bubble, instead of my tasseled pendant.  And I probably should have tripled the guest list to my arm party.  And I’m missing a clutch to hold across my body.  Oh, and I should probably be staring pensively into the distance instead of smiling.

But, really, those small missteps aside, I think I came pretty darn close to real blogger-ness today.  The formula?  Loose gray midi dress (thrifted) + open-weave, button-back sweater (Old Navy) + cuffed, heeled boots (Gap).  And of course accessories; mine are a pendant necklace (Old Navy) + bracelets (Banana Republic, gifted and Macys) + earrings (Target).

Happy Friday, Everyone!