Friday, August 31, 2012

Make No Mistake

The other day, I gently mocked what could be considered the overuse of statement necklaces in the blogosphere, but make no mistake, I am not anti-statement necklace.  In fact, I am wearing one today:

And I like it. I actually have a couple of statement necklaces and I like all of them.  I just don’t wear them very often because they sort of scare me.  They just feel so fancy.  I’m not that fancy.  And I know the idea is to juxtapose them against less-fancy pieces, but that isn’t something I do often (or particularly well).

I gave it a shot today though, pairing a sheer, girly skirt (Pleione via Nordstrom Rack) with wedge booties (Nine West).  I think it’s somewhat unexpected.  I mean, as much as anything is anymore.   I also wore a vintage top (thrifted), belted, and, of course, the statement necklace (mini-bubble via GroopDealz).

I put this outfit together for a few reasons.  One, to link up to Marionberry Style’s Trend of the Month; said trend being statement necklaces.  Two, because I’ve been trying to figure out how to wear this skirt for the past month and was going to return it if I hadn’t successfully styled it by this weekend.  And three, because one of the reasons I started blogging (other than to get the Smiliest Blogger Award, of course.  Wait?  What?  There’s no such award?  Well that seems ridiculous) was to push myself to try new things.  Like statement necklaces and pattern mixing and awkward hemlines.

To see how other bloggers wore their statement necklaces, without all the boring introspection, pop on over to Marionberry Style.

And have a lovely Labor Day Weekend, All!