Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Size Up and Get Sweaty – Marika Tek Review

Some time ago, the lovely people at Marika were kind enough to send me some of their Marika Miracles workout pants.  I love those pants; they are my go to workout pants (you know, when I work out).  So, I was absolutely thrilled when they offered to send me this workout tee*:

My fame-scoffing nephew took this.  He cut off my feet.

Image via Marika

It is the Venus Crew Neck Dry Wik Short Sleeve Tee and like the pants, it helps keep my oh-so-very-sweaty self comfortable when I’m working out.  Even having previous experience with Marika’s Dry-Wik technology, I was a little apprehensive about this review because they sent me purple and I prefer working out in black, to hide the sweat.  But, I gave the purple a shot and I am pleased to report it was only a little discolored by the end of my workout:

Yes, that's a picture of my sweaty back.  You're welcome?

Really, my only complaint about this tee, and it’s a minor one, is that it seems to run a bit small.  But, that could just be because while I don’t mind working out in tight pants (as is obvious in the photo above), I try to avoid tight shirts.  If you feel the same, I’d definitely recommend sizing up.  For reference, I’m wearing an XL.

I can honestly say that the Marika Tek line is pretty great.  And, if you want to see for yourself, you can get 20% off at Marika by entering the code TEK20 at checkout, now through the end of September.

Happy Shopping!


*Yes, Marika sent me this tee for free, but the opinions in this post are mine because you know I love my opinions too much to let someone else dictate them.