Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speaking of Fall

In the comments for yesterday’s post, blogger-friend Nicoasked me what was on my wish list for fall.  Even though I’m the first to admit that I certainly don’t need any clothes for fall (or any other season), I do have a fall wish list.  And it’s huge.  I started keeping lists of “holes” in my closet as a way to help control my shopping.  Because, as my Nosh Opping Expedition showed, left to my own devices, I will continue to buy black skirts even though I already own five.  So, I figured a list, which did not include a black skirt, would help keep me on track.

It hasn’t.  I mean, sure, I haven’t purchased another black skirt since the Great Purge of 2012, but I’ve purchased other items that aren’t on my list.  In fact, I think I purchase more things that are not on my list than are.  Because I have no discipline.  There it is.  I said it.  I’m undisciplined.

So, what does this undisciplined giant want for fall?  Well, here are some items from my list:

·         Rust skinnies (skinny is best for tucking into boots)
·         Burgundy skinnies (ditto)
·         Mustard skinnies (my mustard skinnies were purged due to size issues)
·         Gingham shirt (I don’t wear a lot of gingham, but I feel like I want to start)
·         Bold striped l/s tee or sweater (for wearing under a blazer)
·         Heeled loafers (it took me awhile but I’m finally firmly on board with these)
·         Green pumps (Callie from Coffee & Cardigans has a pair that prompted this addition to the list)
·         Cap toe flats (I’m slightly obsessed with cap toes)

Really, though, those are only some of the items I have listed; my wish list in its entirety is ridiculously big.  Why is it so big when I freely admit that I don’t really need more clothes?  Well, because I figured if I put every possible thing on my wish list, then when I bought something I could say it’s on the list.  Yes, it is a little like cheating, isn't it?

But, enough of that nonsense, let's take a look at what I've purchased for fall so far, shall we? 

A rose-gold sweater (not on the list):

Remain Metallic Sweater - image via Nordstrom

I couldn't find the rose-gold version of this sweater online, but that's the one I bought and I love it.  Ostensibly I bought it because metallics are big for fall and that was supposed to excuse the fact that I didn't have a metallic anything on my list.  Mostly though, I just really like shiny stuff.

A denim shirt (actually on the list):

Caslon Long-Sleeve Shirt - Image via Nordstrom

I've been looking, unsuccessfully, for a denim shirt for ages.  I finally found this one and it's perfect.  It's cut close to the body and although the model has the sleeves pushed up, it is long sleeve and the sleeves are actually long enough for my giant self. 

Polka dot skinnies (not on the list):

Wit and Wisdom - Image via Nordstrom

I'm pretty sure my not having polka dot skinnies on my list was just an oversight.  I mean, really.  Also, yes, I do plan on wearing these with my denim shirt.

Cap toe wedges (actually on the list):

Bandolino "Tijah" Cap Toe Wedge - Image via DSW

I wasn't kidding about being obsessed with cap toe shoes.  And I adore the color combination on this pair.

So, I guess I’m not totallyundisciplined.  I’m half disciplined.  And I don’t know about you, but that feels like progress to me.  Now if I can just continue to resist the lure of black skirts…

Happy Wednesday, All!