Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Expedition's End

Yesterday, Maurice the Mule and I left The Land of Nosh Opping, where we'd embarked on a sometimes grueling but ultimately effective two-month expedition.  During the expedition, I got rid of (donated, gave away, consigned or sold) at least 40 items from my closet.

I used a Nosh Opping Expedition Log to track what I wore while in The Giant's Closet region of Nosh Opping.

This is the Clothes page of the log:

The log contains what I wore and the date(s) I wore it as well as the decision to "Keep" or "Toss" and some notes.  I used the log because 1. I'm a nerd and 2. it was a good way to keep track of those items I wore but didn't photograph (weekends, etc.).  As you can see, I did a fairly good job making it through my closet by only wearing items once.  There were some things that I did repeat within the two months, but it was interesting to see what those items were.  For example, it's not shown in this shot, but I wore the same pair of jeans every weekend for the two months; maybe I should have gotten rid of more jeans...

The Shoes page:

On the Shoes page, you can see I was far less successful in wearing everything once.  But, that wasn't really the challenge.  I do have quite a few pairs of shoes, but my shoe collection is not unmanageable so although I only got rid of two pairs I'm comfortable with that.  Unsurprisingly, I wear my nude Banana Republic platforms and my Corso Como espadrille wedges the most.  I also wore my Lovely People sandals and my gray Target flats a lot as both are go-to weekend shoes for me.

And, the Accessories page:

I have to admit that I didn't do the greatest job keeping up my accessories page.  I didn't intend to get rid of any of my accessories so I didn't track them as closely.  Although I have quite a few pairs of earrings and bracelets I don't wear often, if I drag them out once a year for a night out, I feel justified in keeping them.  I may have to re-think that at some point, but for right now, I'm okay.

I'll post photos of what clothes, and shoes, didn't make the cut tonight or tomorrow.

Until then, here's one last shot of Maurice the Mule:

Happy Saturday, All!