Monday, August 20, 2012

The Plain Gray Tee

Have you ever noticed how much is written about the plain white tee?  It’s practically iconic thanks in part to that timeless sexpot, James Dean.

James Dean looking undeniably cool in a plain white tee.

Nearly every fashion magazine lauds the plain white tee as “cool” and “effortless.”  It has a band named after it.  And it’s recommended as a wardrobe staple to be paired with everything from jeans to suits to full skirts.

Kate Bosworth; image via People Style Watch

Well, I’m here to celebrate the plain white tee’s cousin, the oft-overlooked plain gray tee.  I don’t know why more isn’t written about the plain gray tee.  It’s easily as versatile as the plain white tee and obviously a favorite of myfavorite timeless sexpot, Marlon Brando.

Brando and a plain gray tee in A Streetcar Named Desire

And yet it gets no love.  Well, dear, sweet, awesome Plain Gray Tee, I love you.  I think you’re great.  Last week I paired one of you with floral printed pants.  And today, I’ve paired another of you with a mocha-colored skirt:

Look how good you look with that skirt, Plain Gray Tee; far more interesting that a plain white tee would have been.  I mean, think about it.  Everyone expects a plain white tee in unexpected places; but no one expects a plain gray tee.  Can’t you just hear the comments now?   “Quelle surprise!  That plain gray tee (Target) is so exciting and unusual with that mocha-colored skirt (vintage, thrifted), owl belt (Ross) and ankle-strap flats (Hive & Honey via Piperlime)."

So, don’t worry, Plain Gray Tee, stick with me and together we’ll topple the plain white tee’s colorless regime.