Thursday, September 27, 2012

June Wears Leopard

I feel a bit like June Cleaver in this dress.  Of course, in my version, June wears leopard:

But, just a touch; like a leopard belt.  Just enough to prove she’s edgy and can do more than make meatloaf.

Of course, I don’t make meatloaf, or anything really, and I didn’t add the belt for edginess.  I added it because I’ve decided that pairing leopard with polka dots is my thing.  Well, one of my things.  Other things that are my thing include pairing leopard with green, owning too many coats and gesturing a LOT when I talk.  

Here’s an example of that last thing:

I think I was demonstrating that my hair was slightly better now.  Maybe.

This is actually what the majority of my photos look like on any given day.  I’m always flailing about with my hands or using them to demonstrate just how small something is.

But, I digress.  So, yes, today I did my thing and wore my polka dot dress (Coldwater Creek, thrifted) and I did pair it with a leopard belt (thrifted?).  I also added yellow platforms (Franco Sarto “Fylan” via Nordstrom Rack) and some bangles:

Is it the most fashion-forward outfit ever?  No.  But, it makes me feel as though I could slap an apron on and make something if need be.  Therefore, it gets full points for inducing delusions of domestic grandeur.

Happy Thursday, All!