Friday, September 21, 2012


None of my co-workers understand today’s outfit:

(Shop the look**: Wit & Wisdom Polka Dot Jeggings, Similar Blouse, Similar Shoes)

I think it’s brilliant, but I guess the mix of three different patterns sort of blew their minds.  Which I understand; triple pattern mixing is definitely a stretch for me.  But, I really, really do think it works. 

And I think the reason it works is because every piece is from the same color family.  The polka dot skinny jeans (Wit and Wisdom via Nordstrom) pick up the darker blue leopard spots of the shoes (Nine West “Naughty”) and the blouse (Banana Republic).  The bright blue of the shoes is also present in the blouse.  And, in addition to being in the same color family, I also picked patterns that play well together.  The blouse contains both paisley and polka dot, which makes it easy to pair with both the jeans and the leopard flats.

Or, I’m crazy and this outfit in no way works.  I have to say though; I don’t feel crazy.

But, what do you think, Reader Friends?  Would youpair these pieces?

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a fabulous weekend!


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