Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stripes and Mia-Approved Pockets

My dress today has stripes and what I believe would be Mia-approved pockets:

This pose is soooo smarmy; it makes me laugh.

Blogger friend Mia wrote that she used to use pocket size as criteria for buying clothes.  If the pockets were big enough to hold a book, it was meant to be hers.  I’m pretty sure my pockets today are big enough to hold a book.  Maybe not a trade paperback, but a couple of Harlequin Romances for sure.

Not that I’d ever put books in these pockets.  When I my hips found out I was even just writing about it, they started preparing Molotov cocktails.  They like to make it very, very clear that they won’t accept any added bulk in their region; they’d secede before they let that happen.  And, of course, my thighs are always up for a revolution so they lent my hips some matches.

Even if I don’t use the pockets for books, I still think this is a pretty great dress.  It’s been on the blog a couple of times before, but not at all this summer.  So, I figured I’d get in a post while it was still summer.  The dress is vintage Raoul (thrifted) and I paired it with an embroidered belt (Target) and platform sandals (Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack).  If yesterday’s outfit was a bit 80s, today’s feels a bit 70s to me; like I’m applying for the position of art teacher at that aggressively feminist all-girls summer camp I ‘worked’ at earlier this summer.  I love that imaginary camp.  

And I love this dress.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!