Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I’m convinced that this is the perfect autumnal outfit, in spite of the fact that it’s made up of brights:

(Exact Merona Cords, Similar Sweater, Similar Shoes)

And they are some BRIGHT brights too.  But, I like the flame-orange cords (Target) with the electric blue sweater (Nordstrom, thrifted).  It could even be argued that I toned the look down a bit with houndstooth shoes (Old Navy, thrifted) if, you know, you consider houndstooth to be toned down.  If you don’t, well, then, yeah…

Really though, even with the bright brights and not-exactly-neutral houndstooth, this outfit feels like fall to me.  I think I feel that way in part because it consists of cords and a sweater, which I think we can all agree is a classic fall outfit.  And, while I understand that these may not be classic fall colors, I think they’re fall-like in their own way.  For me, they evoke images of turning leaves, pumpkin patches and the blue fall sky before the rains come.

Of course, I could just be convinced this outfit feels like fall because today finally felt like fall.  It was actually quite chilly on the ride in and I may have to break out the mittens before the week is up.  So exciting!

Happy Tuesday, All!


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