Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I didn't dress up for Halloween.  In fact, this is what I wore:

MIA "Roam," Image via Piperlime

I know it’s not very Halloween-y, being neither sexy (my sexy Bert and Ernie costume is at the cleaners) nor scary.  Well, not scary as long as you’re not chromophobic.  If you are, you’re probably terrified of my bright cobalt dress (Target).  Of course, if you’re chromophobic, you probably don’t read my blog.  But, in case you are and you do, maybe as a form of immersion therapy or something, I did tone the look down a bit with the blazer (J. Crew, swapped), the tights (Target), the scarf (c/o FRAAS) and the boots (MIA “Roam” via Piperlime).  Let it never be said that I’m not looking out for my chromophobic peeps.

Happy Wednesday, All.  And, yes, Happy Halloween.


P.S. Chromophobia is a fear of bright colors.