Monday, November 19, 2012

Football Attire and a FRAAS Review

As I mentioned before, I went to a Portland State football game this Saturday, which meant I had to wear proper football attire.  I decided on jeans and a sweatshirt:

Okay, so it was a lace sweatshirt, but I still say it counts.  In addition to my skinny jeans (Macys) and lace sweatshirt (Macys), I also wore riding boots (Born Crown via Nordstrom) and a leopard coat (consigned).  And, once I got to the game, where it was quite cold, I also wore my new Tech Gloves (c/o FRAAS):

I have to say that I was both excited and skeptical when FRAAS offered to send me these gloves.  Excited because I hate having to take of my gloves to use my phone and skeptical because I don’t know how knit gloves could possibly allow me to still use my phone.  I was also skeptical because these gloves are one-size-fits-all and I have giant hands (of course).

But, I did wear these on Saturday at the game, and they were fabulous.  They kept my hands warm, I was able to use my phone easily while wearing them, and as you can see above, they fit my man hands just fine.  And the teal goes with leopard.  A win all around.  Well, not all around, PSU lost to Eastern Washington, 34 to 41.  

Although I received the teal pair, the gloves come in several colors, from neutrals to jewel tones to brights:

The style I received has a wrist ruffle (or wruffle, as I like to call it), shown above, but the tech gloves are also offered in a longer, scrunch style and a bow style.  They run about $30.00 per pair, and are available both at and  If you have a smart phone and are looking for a pair of tech gloves, I strongly recommend these.

Happy Monday, All!